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Why Your Business Needs to Use Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products used to be inferior to standard chemicals that you find in most commercial cleaning products. The first generation of green cleaning products couldn’t compete and developed a reputation of being inadequate. Over the last 15-20 years, this has changed. Research, development and new manufacturers have led to a new line of green cleaning products, like Envirox, that are extremely effective and safe.

Despite the improvements in environmentally friendly cleaning products, many people still believe that these products don’t work well.  We still do walkthroughs and find businesses using toxic cleaning products. Most of the time, they just don’t know any better.

If you don’t know what your company uses, its a good time to check.  If you know you aren’t using a green cleaning product, then its a perfect time to switch.  If you are not sure, then here is what you need to consider

Good for the Environment

One of the main advantages of using green cleaning products is that they contain biodegradable chemicals. In other words, unlike traditional cleaning chemicals, which represent a threat to every ecosystem even after being rinsed down the drain, green products degrade and become a part of the environment.

Less Pollution

It should be noted that much of the world’s water pollution, land pollution, and soil contamination are caused by harmful compounds found in industrial cleaning solutions. Companies that use green cleaning products can also help to achieve improved air quality.

Safer for Your Employees & Visitors

You might be surprised to find that federal laws and many state laws do not require ingredients be listed on cleaning products. There are a number of chemicals that are commonly found in cleaning products: triclosan; bisphenol A; phthalates;2-Butoxyethanol and ammonia are not uncommon in cleaning products and have links to cancer.

Since janitorial contractors and in-house cleaning staff are using cleaning products on desks, cafeteria tables, gym equipment and many other areas that are being touched every single day. Whatever product you use for cleaning is going to leave some residue. Employees, customers, students and visitors will be exposed to the cleaning product.

Protect Your Cleaners

There are certain areas that need to be cleaned and descaled using harsh chemicals. Chemicals used in these products are dangerous. Therefore, special measures must be taken to prevent the janitorial staff or others from coming in contact with these harmful chemicals. Janitorial staff, for example, must wear protective clothing while using these products to clean surfaces so that the chemicals do not come into contact with their skin.

Despite wearing protective equipment, cleaning products are going to make contact with the cleaners. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions include gentler components and are not hazardous to your skin, body, or the environment. Using an environmentally friendly cleaning product will dramatically reduce exposure to toxic ingredients.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Contrary to popular belief, green cleaning products do not come with a heavy price tag. That is mainly because these products contain sustainable ingredients that do not require excessive processing, as is the case with traditional cleaning products that use many harsh chemicals.

You may actually be surprised to find that using green cleaning products can actually lower costs. Through research and testing, experts have found that different types of cleaning require different concentrations of green cleaning products. At RamClean, we use a dispenser that creates the proper concentration for the exact type of cleaning. For example, wiping down a desk is a lighter concentration than wiping down a sink. Using less product while maintaining quality leads to lower product usage and lower cost.

There is also a hidden savings in keeping everyone healthy and productive. Skin ailments and respiratory issues can emerge from too much exposure to harsh chemicals. Even the scent of a cleaning product can have an enormous impact.  Certain heavy scents can cause headaches or nausea.  Whether it’s a cleaner or another employee, these individuals are not going to be productive if they are not feeling well.

One of the highlights of using green cleaning products is that they often contain natural aromatic ingredients and essential oils that less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Choose Commercial Cleaning Companies Wisely

While many janitorial cleaning services will state that they use green cleaning products, it is best to take an inventory of the cleaning products used by the commercial cleaning service you hire. If you do your cleaning in-house by hiring janitors, you should take an inventory of all of the cleaning products used and take note of the harmful chemicals they contain. Then, find safer green cleaning products as alternatives.

With health and environmental concerns becoming more prevalent in recent times, it pays to ensure that your business is not contributing to any of the harm being caused to the environment. Beyond the benefits of lower cost and improved safety, adding green, environmentally friendly cleaning products will put your company on a path towards sustainability.