RamClean Reviews & Testimonials

Klaudia, Yuri, and Dany (the orange team) did an amazing deep clean on my house! I wanted them to mainly concentrate on the main floor, they went above and beyond my expectations and also had time to clean the basement! They paid attention to every detail! It was so nice to come home to a sparkling clean house, that smelt amazing! I would highly recommend them! Well done RamClean and Orange Team!!
I have serious ptsd, and so can't handle the scents of cleaning materials. I brought them in to deep clean the bathroom and kitchen for me. The three girls, Klaudia, Yuri, and Jenny, were Amazing. They were super fast, used my stuff to help me deal, and were very nice. I will definitely use them again, possibly monthly now. Thank you so much!
Fantastic cleaning service!!
It makes me so happy to come home after Maria and her crew have been in the house. It's spotless (they clean the top of the fridge; what the heck?) every time. 100% recommended.
Klaudia and Laly did a great job cleaning for us and did all work as requested. I would recommend them thank you for the good work
We hired Ram Clean to clean our house on our last day in Champaign IL before moving away. Klaudia and Lalys did an absolutely amazing job. My wife commented that she has never seen an oven so clean. They were extremely detailed oriented and the house was spotless. I thought they were very easy to work with and had good communication. The price was also very reasonable. I highly recommend this cleaning crew!
The RamClean team did a super job. They were efficient and thorough. The house sparkles and smells so clean!
Maria R. and crew, simply amazing! I cannot stress how fascinated I was with the job they did! The place smelled heavenly, and not a speck of dust left. I had a move-out cleaning done. They went above and beyond my hopes of cleaning that place. Now, I'm hiring them again, for the new place. Thank you so much!
The Ram crew did an exceptional job cleaning my elderly uncle’s condo in Urbana. They arrived on time, worked hard and finished the job within the allotted time frame. I was very pleased.
I recently just worked with ram cleaning during the turnover period and Amy and the staff were awesome very professional and treated everyone the same definitely would work for/with them again great company -Andrea-
RAM Cleaning provided terrific service. The job was done on-time, as scheduled and better than expected. Charlie's Team will get the job done!
I work for RamClean every summer when I come back from school. Charlie is a great boss and is very flexible with hours and looks for your best interest! His assistant, Amy is by far one of the most polite employees and always lights you up with a smile if you are having a long day. RamClean will give you the best prices for great service.
I was gifted cleaning services through Ram clean from a generous family member, after the difficult birth of my second child. Maria has been such an angel. Her crew has changed a few times but she always delivers excellent customer service and a wonderful cleaning job. I have never been more pleased with housekeeping services.
Excellent workers. They listen to what you need and do their best to do that job well.y oven has not been this clean since it was new! Would recommend.
We called RamClean when my son subleased an apartment this summer at UIUC and found it a disaster! The team came within a week of me calling and did an awesome job! So responsive and a great price! Highly recommend if you find yourself in this same situation!
Can't say enough great things about this company! From the initial and easy estimate request on their website I heard back from Amy almost immediately! She then quickly made a trip to my home to give me an accurate estimate and make sure to address any and all cleaning requests I might have. Then I had the pleasure of meeting Maria, Rubie, and Romie who came to do the cleaning. They made sure to walk thru before they started and address anything I wanted done. They worked efficiently, quickly, and did the best job!! If you are looking for a reasonably priced cleaning crew that goes above and beyond, look no further then RamClean! They are also coming to clean my business soon and I expect it to be just as great! Thanks so much to all the crew! You guys are great.
We have been so happy with RamClean's services! Maria and her team are super-friendly and they do an amazing job cleaning up the mess that our three young boys make every month. It is easy to communicate with the company (i.e. if appointments need to be rescheduled), and the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended!
RamClean, you all are amazing! Very professional and came in and did the job to perfection on time! Thank you!
Our team of Karina and Claudia came to clean our house for the first time. They did an outstanding job. They paid attention to detail. Our three large patio doors look exceptional. They were friendly and asked questions. They even dusted my wife's perfume bottles. Looking forward to having them again.
The cleaning team is extremely well trained and go above and beyond to make sure the homeowner is happy with the work.
No stopping to take personal phone calls, taking breaks or going slow. I was very impressed and would recommend Ram Clean to anyone in need of professional cleaning services.
RamClean is fantastic! I partner with them for my business and home! RamClean is a company that I am happy to tell all of my friends, and customers about. They deliver superb quality workmanship and are extremely professionalism! Any size job- RamClean is the service of choice.
We are a small office of three people, and the two attorneys commented on how great of a job the crew did. We are very pleased with the cleaning results!
Love working with this company! Thanks for helping me out all the time!!
Ramclean is the best! Great, friendly and prompt service. Highly recommend!
I use RamClean for both my personal home (RamExpress for $99 - can't beat it) and for our rental property turnover. They are easy to deal with and show up ON TIME!
They have been great for turnover cleaning! Easy to schedule and always on time. I have also enjoyed the Express Clean option on my personal home!
Sarah and the young lady that came with her to clean my home were amazing. Very Thorough as well as very attention to detail. Their express clean is awesome!
Had an Express Clean last week and they did an amazing job! Left a list and they did everything on the list and then some. Thank you RamClean!
Won a free house cleaning & just came home to sparkling kitchen & bathrooms - I would definitely recommend!
I had my home cleaned for the first time ever by RamClean and they did an amazing job! Maria and her team covered everything I could have wanted cleaned and more. I didn't know my house could shine like that! Their customer service is very professional and the cleaning team was punctual and top notch.
This morning was our first time having our house cleaned and it was worth every penny!We did the express clean and my house has never looked better! The ladies they sent were so sweet and accommodating (even helped me carry a baby to the car!) can’t wait to use them again!
We loved working with Ram Clean for our event space! Charlie is so easy to work with, they were very prompt to come in when we had a particularly messy event, and the crew was exceptionally nice! They took the time and care to work with our historic building and floors and left the place spotless!! So impressed!
They did a great job on my house I will be having them out soon. The will also be doing my business in Champaign.
RamClean has been fantastic to work with as an interior cleaning partner. We reserve recommendations for companies that match our high level of quality and I can honestly say that RamClean is a company that I am happy to tell all of my customers about. High quality workmanship accompanied by professionalism and a fun work environment makes for a very enjoyable experience that will not disappoint.
If you are looking for a company to take care of you as if you are family and exceed your expectations of clean, you will not find a replacement for RamClean. I have had a fantastic experience working with every team member I've encountered and would recommend RamClean to anyone.
So these guys haven't been to clean yet, but they're amazing. Literally the most accommodating and understanding people on this planet. I can't recommend them enough!!
So these guys haven't even cleaned our house yet, but they are amazing. Their customer service is better than I have ever seen, and they have been so accommodating with our crazy schedule. I would absolutely recommend them based on this alone. (Will follow up with their, I'm assuming, amazing cleaning review after this weekend)
As a local Real Estate Agent I am often asked for referrals for home cleaning. Until now, I have not had a company that I could confidently refer to a client. RamClean has done an excellent job for several clients in the past several weeks. I am relieved that I finally have a company that I can refer with confidence.
Sarah and Tysie did an amazing job at my home. Hard working, professional, efficient. I’m a fan! Thanks Ramclean!!
Good group of guys as well as a good price. I would consider using Ram clean if your needs are above 4 floors. They have the proper equipment to do good work and keep the cost down. Definitely will be using them for many years to come. Thanks Charlie!!!
Charlie is a very humble man. His company will show a reflection of his honor to making his clients happy!
I highly suggest these guys! They do great work and are good people!
My office hired RamClean to clean up during and after remodeling and they were very thorough and efficient. The staff was very attentive to detail and went above and beyond to make everything presentable during construction.
Charlie and his crew are very kind and hard working. They are a pleasure to do business with.
Exelente.!!! Una empresa muy recomendable para trabajar y es un honor pertenecer a esta compañia.
Doing business with Charlie and his crew you will find they are fair , very responsive to your needs as a customer , communication is prompt. Excellent company , I would highly recommend ramclean for your Buisness or construction cleaning needs .
Competive bidding process paired with exceptional service. Highly recommended!
Charlie is the hardest working individual I know. He goes above and beyond and makes you feel special while doing it. An excellent individual providing a quality service.
Great service and team! We appreciate the extra steps RamClean takes to ensure our office space is looking great!