Deep Cleaning for Business

A standard cleaning is a mix of medium and light duty cleaning.  A deep cleaning is taking the extra step to get your  office or facility thoroughly cleaned.  Most companies will deep clean once or twice a year., but this depends on business type.  If your building hasn’t been professionally cleaned then you may need to order a deep cleaning on your first service. The information below explains the difference.

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Differences Between Standard and Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service will include everything in our standard house cleaning checklist found here (checklist).  We add extra cleaning time to do the following:

Inside of window frames, window sills and door frames

Wiping down all blinds, stair rails and baseboards

Complete dusting in corners of rooms and vents

The area on top of cabinets

Removing scale from bathroom / kitchen tile, faucets and shower heads

Mopping hardwood, tile or vinyl floors

Floor Cleaning with Autoscrubber

When Should I Order a Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is not necessary on every clean. If you’ve kept your business tidy, it probably won’t need to be deep cleaned, but there are some instances where it can be helpful, such as:

If you’ve never used a cleaning service

If your commercial cleaning service wasn't cleaning often enough

If you get an outbreak of COVID-19 or other virus

If you’re planning to sell or move from your business location, deep cleaning will be helpful to stage your office and attract buyers / lessors

If you are remodeling and need a building cleaned after construction (dust gets everywhere)

Commercial kitchens need frequent deep cleanings, especially kitchens with grease fryers

commercial deep clean


Ram Clean services my office space and their friendly staff mixed with professional maintenance is second to none. I would recommend this company to all who are looking to improve their work space sanitation. A+ all around!
Gentle Giant S.
RamClean has been fantastic to work with as an interior cleaning partner. We reserve recommendations for companies that match our high level of quality and I can honestly say that RamClean is a company that I am happy to tell all of my customers about. High quality workmanship accompanied by professionalism and a fun work environment makes for a very enjoyable experience that will not disappoint.
Will F.
I cannot think of one negative thing to say about Charlie and the RamClean team. I've never met a team of motivated individuals who don't just over promise, but also deliver in every single way. They have exceeded my expectations during every commercial cleaning of my business. There's not another company or person I'd choose to work with. Thanks so much Charlie!
Parcel S.
RamClean does an outstanding job in our call center. The cleaning team is tedious, friendly and simply awesome to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a professional cleaning company for their business.
Samuel T.
Charlie and his team clean my office every week. They’re always professional, courteous, and meticulous, before Ram Clean we had a different company I won’t name but after switching to Ram Clean we won’t go back. Thanks Charlie for taking care of us.
Dan S.
RAM Cleaning provided terrific service. The job was done on-time, as scheduled and better than expected. Charlie's Team will get the job done!
Kristen F.
Ram Clean is an amazing company with great values within their team if you need a great cleaning crew Ram Cleans got you. Hands down the best company I’ve ever been with!
Sharon J.
We were looking for a service who could provide a deep cleaning, disinfecting, in our office when we had reservations. RamClean was able to work with us around flexibility, notice time, and the minimum billable hours. In this time of COVID19 RamClean has truly been a blessing for our business. We are able to tell our employees we are doing everything we can to keep them safe when they come into the office. I can't say enough about the company and their level of service. I highly recommend them!
Wheeler R.
Charlie and his RamClean team are outstanding! They not only provide a great service at our facility, they go above and beyond to communicate with us and meet all of our needs! We couldn't be happier with their service!

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