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RamClean provides complete janitorial services for large facilities including industrial plants, manufacturers, universities, schools, hospitals, medical labs and research facilities.

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Cleaning for Health and Cost Reduction

When we begin our partnership, we come into your facility with the goal of saving expenses and improving the wellbeing of your customers, employees and anyone that visits your facility. We accomplish that by doing a walkthrough audit where we look for areas of improvement. We inspect the following:

Degree of cleanliness of each area of the building

Use of cleaning products and floor coatings

Type and condition of entrance mats

Potential to minimize VOC’s and improve air quality

Usage of recyclable cleaning products

Type of equipment used (vacuums, mops, floor strippers)

How equipment is maintained

Did you know that 1lb of dirt costs $700 to clean?

Facility Cleaning Goals

Ultimately, we are building an efficient and sustainable cleaning process so that RamClean and our partners have a positive impact on 3 key areas: people, planet and profit.  The way we achieve these goals, includes:

Use bio-based, environmentally friendly products when possible

Preference to Ecologo or Green Seal Certified products

Conserve energy by using state of the art janitorial equipment

Reduce water usage in facilities

Eliminate aerosol packaged products

Utilize proper entrance matting systems 

Decrease dirt particulate that enters the building to reduce cleaning cost

Use high efficiency vacuum with sub-micron or higher filtration

Preventative maintenance on equipment

Promote and expand recycling programs

Clean storage closet
Perfectly cleaned showroom

Types of Businesses We work With

Universities, colleges, school boards

Civic, municipal and federal government

Building service contractors

Industrial and manufacturing plants

Property management companies

Hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities

Science research labs

Auto dealerships (large sales floors)

Multi-story office buildings

Green Cleaning Products

Our recommended cleaning product and system is called Envirox® primary using Envirox® Multi-Purpose cleaner that is Green Seal® Certified or Envirox® H202 Orange Cleaner that is EcoLogo® certified. Envirox®  is located in Danville, Illinois and we are proud to partner with another Central Illinois business. To learn more about our cleaning products and supplies see our janitorial supplies page.

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