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Our job is to improve the cleanliness of our client locations with improved efficiency and energy savings.  That's why RamClean uses state of the art equipment to clean your plant, warehouse, office or commercial building.  Learn more about our equipment and technology.


Primarily used on hard floor surfaces, Kaivac is a no-touch system that combines pressure washing, chemical injection, wet vacuuming, and other tools on a single platform. Kaivac is a science-based hygienic cleaning system designed to protect employees and customers while improving cleaning operations. Kaivac technologies remove maximum harmful soils and bio pollution with speed and efficiency. This system deep cleans soils better than any other method.  Kaivac machines were originally designed to improve restroom cleaning, but they also can be used on hard floors, walls, classrooms, stairwells, kitchens and hallways.

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The I-mop combines the maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of a walk-behind floor scrubber. The freedom of movement and great ease of use, helps get more surface area clean while making it easier on the cleaner. The I-mop always puts down clean water and uses rotating scrubbing brushes to get the floor clean. A built in squeegee and vacuum recovers the dirty water leaving behind nothing but a clean floor!  This tool is light and easy to use so it works great for spot cleaning spills, dirt, slush or rainwater.

Floor Scrubbers / AutoScrubbers

If you are still mopping large floor areas, you are simply spreading dirt and losing money.  Automatic floor scrubbers (autoscrubbers) can clean better and save on cleaning labor. These machines include solution dispensing, brush agitation, scrubbing and recovery / drying systems. Autoscrubbers improve the efficiency of hard floor cleaning, reduce the amount of water and decrease chemical solution usage.  Autoscrubbers use green, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions  with controlled dispensing systems.  The end result is a clean floor and faster dry times.  They help conserve water  and deliver a more hygienic clean.The latest state of the art floor scrubber that we use is the Tomcat Carbon highlighted in the video.

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Floor Stripping, Waxing & Buffing

Floor stripping, waxing and buffing uses a combination of equipment and processes to revitalize your floors. You can turn a marked up, dirty floor into a clean and shiny surface.  It starts by applying a stripping solution. Next, we use low speed scrubbers with stripping pads to work the stripping solution into the floor to loosen dirt, marks and remaining wax residue. An autoscrubber is then used to ensure the floor is clean. Once the floor is clean and dry we apply several coats of wax. Lastly a buffing machine is used to give the floor an even shine and remove any swirls or marks in the wax. At RamClean, we use floor stripping specialists as this process is highly detailed and requires a professionally trained cleaner.

ProTeam® GoFree® Flex Pro Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum

Battery powered vacuuming technology has advanced over the years.  These powerful vacuums are 5X more effective than corded upright vacuums. There are many advantages to using this system. First, the ability to carry these light canisters allows our cleaners to access any area quickly without plugging and unplugging cords. The vacuum head and extensions are flexible, which allows us to bend and access the top of cabinets or tall furniture. They can also be used to reach light fixtures in tall ceilings. Lastly, these vacuums are extremely quiet at only 68 decibels. Battery pack vacuums are quiet enough that we have cleaned call centers without disturbing employees!

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Commercial Upright Vacuums with Hepa Filtration

There are some areas in your building that will require a high powered upright vacuum. We use these vacuums in highly soiled entrance areas and carpeted rooms with heavy foot traffic. In these areas, we need to suck up more dirt, dust and debris.  We also need to remove fine particles such as pollen and dust mite feces to improve air quality, which is why Hepa filtration is so important. Commercial vacuums are built to handle wear, tear and daily use

High Window Telescoping Cleaning Poles

We can clean windows as high as 55 feet (5 stories) using new carbon telescoping cleaning poles and extensions.  Advancements in technology allow us to clean high buildings from the ground without the need for lifts or scaffolding.  The process involves using a scrubbing head with water to clean the window and then using a squeegee to dry the window and leave it clean.  In some cases, for extreme heights, we add a head onto the telescopic poles with a towel to dry the window.  This technique is used when we cannot squeegee at the right angle.

window cleaning with telescopic poles
mop bucket

Other Equipment

There are times when we will use a traditional mop, double mop buckets or push brooms. We use clean mop heads that are replaced or laundered frequently.  These cleaning tools are useful with very light duty cleaning or spot cleaning spills. Our primary vendor is Libman Company. We are proud to support another local manufacturer from Arcola, Illinois.


Kristen F.
Ram Clean is an amazing company with great values within their team if you need a great cleaning crew Ram Cleans got you. Hands down the best company I’ve ever been with!
Julie R.
RamClean cleans our office weekly Cristobal does a good job. Sarah keeps our supplies stocked and makes sure everything looks good when she does her inspections. Thank you!
Jennifer W.
I highly recommend this company! The cleaning is more than what is expected. The cleaners are very nice and helpful as well. Communication is on point. A great company overall.
Hayden S.
If you are looking for a company to take care of you as if you are family and exceed your expectations of clean, you will not find a replacement for RamClean. I have had a fantastic experience working with every team member I've encountered and would recommend RamClean to anyone.
Dan S.
RAM Cleaning provided terrific service. The job was done on-time, as scheduled and better than expected. Charlie's Team will get the job done!
Suzanne M.
We use RamClean for our offices as well as several of our tenants. We always receive excellent service from Sara and her team. We appreciate their attention to detail.
mary D.
Our company has been very impressed with the services provided by RamClean (Jeff Moore and the other cleaners). Very professional and they do a fantastic job.
Gentle Giant S.
RamClean has been fantastic to work with as an interior cleaning partner. We reserve recommendations for companies that match our high level of quality and I can honestly say that RamClean is a company that I am happy to tell all of my customers about. High quality workmanship accompanied by professionalism and a fun work environment makes for a very enjoyable experience that will not disappoint.
Samuel T.
Charlie and his team clean my office every week. They’re always professional, courteous, and meticulous, before Ram Clean we had a different company I won’t name but after switching to Ram Clean we won’t go back. Thanks Charlie for taking care of us.

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