Charlie Ramshaw RamClean

RamClean - an idea.

Each of us, as we go through life, at various times find ourselves at a crossroads.  Whichever direction we choose, we often don't know where exactly it will lead, and with faith, we can only hope to make the best decisions possible.  Luckily for all of us in the RamClean Family, a decade ago, Charlie found himself at one of these crossroads.  He chose to put his life and his future in his belief that the cleaning industry was his path.  Not a flippant decision, Charlie has a head for business, but that wasn't enough; he also needed to be passionate about what he chose to do.  Having grown up around and been immersed in relating to a wide variety of people, he recognized a unique need for excellence in the commercial cleaning field.  Listening intently, he heard of the needs that all businesses have for a solid foundation.  Part of that solid foundation is not having to worry about the chores of the office or factory - how can any company focus on their own business when trash, bathroom cleanliness, office care, etc. are an issue?  Most folks begin their workday and never wonder about soap in the bathroom dispensers, paper products being available, empty trash receptacles...until those things, suddenly, are an issue.  Charlie saw a need to quietly support businesses, an ability to take pride in a job well-done, knowing that if the job is done right, his customers wouldn't even know he had been there.

RamClean Became a Family

As time went on, and without only manager, working with him, this path proved to be the exact right one. Charlie's company took off, and it was apparent that he had an inherent knack for understanding the commercial cleaning industry.

There is not only a technique to ensure the best style of cleaning, but the products being used matter, the people hired make a difference, and communication with clients is indispensable. Charlie worked hard and met with potential clients, encouraged them to know he was their best decision for their janitorial needs, and then proceeded to prove that to them.  With the help of his limited but tireless staff, Charlie formed his own solid foundation. On this foundation, his client list grew, his needs grew, his staff grew...

ramclean is born

RamClean Expansion

Since the end of 2017, RamClean has seen explosive growth. Our staff of 20 employees is now over 250. Initially starting with one office in Central Illinois, RamClean has established 9 locations in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Florida.  In 2019, we opened an operation in the Cincinnati tri-State area. After only 3 years, RamClean is now the 5th largest janitorial company in Cincinnati.

In 2021, we added a new offices in Indianapolis, Indiana, Central Indiana and Columbus, OH. Our goal is to expand throughout the country.  This takes great people and the ability to execute a premium service.

Our new business clients can expect the same quality and reliability of the largest building service contractors at a much lower price.  RamClean can fill a niche that no other janitorial company can deliver.

RamClean is "cleaning for health".

Six months before a worldwide pandemic hit, we took the risk of opening up services beyond Illinois - and we weathered the oncoming storm, remaining as steadfast as ever!  What we were able to learn during 2020 was that cleaning was no longer a necessity for convenience, it is a requirement for HEALTH.  We knew our work was important, and we always knew - as Charlie saw all those years ago - that we would happily and humbly be part of the quiet support for any location at which we clean: small offices to schools, churches to medical centers, factory industries, construction sites to government businesses, we were proud to be a part of all of it.  Then suddenly...we were no longer the unseen workers.  The world was keenly aware of the importance of not just preventive cleaning, but at times, reactive disinfection and sanitizing.  Suddenly, our family members were put at potential risk when asked to enter compromised areas and make them safe for those who would be required to work there.  We still clean for our clients' convenience, but we now are acutely aware of the need to clean for health, your health and ours.  We take this somber realization very seriously, so though we still like to have the fun that Charlie has instilled in us, we embrace the added importance of health and safety.

RamClean employee vacuum pack
challenging high window cleaning

RamClean meets the challenge.

Always eager to improve, and at Charlie's insistence and guidance, we are learning. Our members are engaging in training and earning certifications, we are utilizing software to better serve ourselves and our clients, we investigate the best products to use and the proper way to use them, we ask the right questions, we never stop learning, we never stop improving. We partner with the best suppliers around.  Charlie's diligence to improvement is apparent in all he does and the rest of his family feeds off that energy.  The reality is that we are a family, a family Charlie started a decade ago; we take that very seriously, because the people we serve are our family, too.  Through ups and downs, here we all remain, standing together. We have enjoyed the journey with you so far, and we can't wait to see where we can all go in the future. Those of you not yet part of our family, we look forward to welcoming you into the fold. We promise that you, too, will enjoy the ride!