B2B Business Referal Program

Earn a 10% referral reward by Referring a Business

It’s simple to send us a business referral. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

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Refer a Friend

Fill out the form below including your name and the business contact. 

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Get a Quote

Our sales team contacts the business and sets up a free quote. We mention you as a referral.

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Get Rewarded

If the business does a one time cleaning, you get 10% of the fee. If the business signs a 1 year contract, you get 10% of the first month. 

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The business you refer also gets a benefit. We will add in a disinfection service for free (up to 2500 square feet).  We also send both referrals and referrers some cool RamClean swag because the charging ram logo looks awesome!

Know a business owner, facility manager or property manager?

B2B Business Referral Program FAQ

We have to schedule a time to view the facility and provide a quote. Then we submit a proposal. The business has to accept the quote. Then we schedule out the first cleaning. Usually this takes 2-6 weeks. Then after the first full month is completed, we send an invoice. The entire process can take up to 3 months to complete for our first month service and another 30-60 days before we receive payment. After we receive payment, we send out referral rewards.

Eligible referrers must be 18 years of age and a United States Citizen. You must be able to provide a W9 including your social security number.  You must have a United States address and you must be able to accept a check.  We will not accommodate foreign individuals or other forms of payment.  We will not mail checks to foreign countries.

The referral business contact has to be someone that you know with an existing relationship such as a friend or family.  The business contact will be informed of your referral and they need to verify that they know you or you will not be eligible.  If you send us a random lists of business names, they will not be accepted.  We also limit referrals to 3 businesses per month per referrer.  We only accept businesses within a 60 mile radius of Champaign, Illinois or Cincinnati, Ohio.

When you submit a referral, your name is entered on the sales sheet.  After our sales team visits the referral location, we provide a quote.  When the quote is accepted the business will sign a contract and we schedule the service. Once we receive payment for the first full month of service we submit referral payments within 30 days.

For any referral reward that totals under $600, we will send a digital Amazon Gift Card for the amount of referral reward.  This makes it much easier for us to track  and send out the referral reward.

If your referral is more than $600, you will receive a check after you submit a W9. The check will be mailed to your address.

You will need to discuss this with your lawyer or accountant, but we believe this is taxable income and it is up to you to report it. We do require you to fill out a W9 if your referral reward is more than $600 and we will send a 1099 to anyone that is paid over $600 in a single calendar year. 

10% of the service fee for one time cleaning or 10% of the first full month cleaning at the full contract price for recurring services. Our maximum referral reward is $3000 per referral. If we provide a discount in the first month, we wait for the first full month of service and payment.  We often start cleaning on partial months, but we do not pay referrals on partial months (for your benefit).

We do not have an online system for tracking status. You can contact our office to check status, but we ask that you wait at least 60 days as it is unlikely that we have secured a business contract and received the first payment before that time.

Your referral information is kept private. It is only verified by the business contact name you provide.  We do not sell or give away your private information. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

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