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Inexpensive Multi-story Window Cleaning from the Ground

When we clean multi-story buildings or tall windows, we try to do them from the ground. This isn’t always possible, but the advantages are numerous. Let’s talk about the RamClean way to produce beautiful, spotless windows.

How We Clean Windows from the Ground

The first step to fantastic window cleaning from the ground is critical – you need the right equipment. Since we won’t have the correct angle to use a standard squeegee, we need window cleaning poles with a few special features:

  • Pole extensions that actually work
  • Method to get soft water to the window

To solve that problem we use window cleaning poles that are made of a light but strong carbon fiber material. They don’t bend easily and they are not difficult to control.

The poles also have a carbon filter that cleans the hard water that would normally result in spots that dry on the window. The poles also have heads that allow you to scrub tough dirt on the window surface and they can get into the corners where dirt bulbs up.

You don’t need a traditional squeegee to make the window crystal clear. The carbon filter poles reach up 60 feet.

We also have some different window cleaning poles that use a softer brush with a cleaning solution.  We can clean about 30 feet high with those poles, but we only bring them out for windows that don’t have built up dirt or grime.

Lower Cost and Perfectly Clean

The alternative way to clean tall windows is to rent a lift. But this is expensive for 2 main reasons.

  1. You have to pay rent or buy a lift
  2. You have to keep moving it to the next window, which is time consuming

A well trained window cleaner with the right equipment can get after it. From the ground, you can quickly go from from window to window. The job gets done faster and every bit as good. Not to mention its much safer.

There are times when you have to rent a lift. If the windows haven’t been cleaned in a really long time, there can be massive build up grime that needs cleaned with a scraper or knife. Other times during construction cleans we use lifts as paint or filler can end up on exterior windows and we need to be up close to remove the material. Some windows have bars or awnings that keep us from using the ground poles.

Like any job, the right equipment and technique makes a difference.  Sometimes, we see people renting their own lifts and cleaning with a squeegee. The lift has a rental cost then a delivery fee.  Usually the rental is by the day and if you don’t get the job done it can add up.  Not to mention those lifts can tear up your lot and grassy areas around the building.

Pole cleaning is great for multi-story buildings that aren’t too tall. They are also ideal for tall glass walls (interior and exterior). You can even use them on solar panels, signs and facades.

Our techniques, trained employees and state of the art equipment allow us to clean windows cheaper, better, faster, and safer.  If you have tall windows, get in touch! Quotes are free, so why not?

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