Meet the Latest Sales Professional at RamClean

Meet the most recent addition to our the sales team at RamClean – Rob VanHootegem!
In our last blog, we told you how one of the things we got out of 2020 was learning that we are Cleaning for Health.  Well, 2020 gave us more than just deeper insight into our Mission; it also gave us Rob!

Rob retired from Sherwin-Williams after 30 impressive years!  However, he quickly discovered that the idle life wasn’t necessarily for him.  Indeed, we agreed that he is too young and too driven, we just knew we had to include him in our family.  His love for sales and for sharing what he believes in is unparalleled.  He doesn’t only work hard for RamClean; he works even harder for you; his clients!

Working out of our Headquarters in Illinois, Rob lives in Decatur with his wife.  The same dedication that he brings to his family and his job, he also brings to his health.  Rob is the President of Midsouth United States Tennis Association and the captain of 5 tennis teams!  Not only an avid tennis player, he takes care with what he eats, also.  The office staff loves to give him grief for the healthy lunches he enjoys when in our Champaign office…what we don’t tell him is that we’re really just hoping he doesn’t notice the fast food bags we sometimes bring to our own desks!

Spending a lot of time in our Champaign-Urbana market, Rob is also working to spread our brand and bring our unique commercial cleaning skills to Decatur and Bloomington while expanding our already-strong Danville market.  In this new era of limited access to buildings, Rob has proven more than up to the challenge!  He is patient, understanding, and immeasurably respectful to safety and health concerns of our current and potential clients.

Rob works tirelessly to fulfill all your cleaning needs.  He knows that safety and health come first, but that he also has a responsibility to gather the information he needs to bring you the most accurate quote that will provide you the best cleaning service around (being RamCleaned IS the best!).  He takes every precaution while ensuring that he tours and measures your business or facility in order to do just that.

Please, join us in welcoming Rob VanHootegem, aka “the new guy” aka “Rob V.”!!  Give him a call – he will never steer you wrong!!