productivity for a cleaning service

How We Maintain Productivity

Productivity in the workplace is obviously something that every organization strives for. In the cleaning business, that’s something that is tougher to measure when talking about getting the job done & the timeframe that you expect that to happen. No one knows exactly how much dirt, trash or other unexpected mishaps they will find until they actually arrive to the location. Here are a few things that we find to be the most crucial when trying to keep productivity high:

Communication – What is any relationship, partnership or career without it? It’s the key to success in all aspects of our lives. In business, if you don’t communicate together as a team, tasks aren’t going to be able to be fulfilled on the level in which you expect them to be done. If information isn’t flowed throughout the entire chain of command, problems will start to arrive & jobs will not be consistently done correctly. If you don’t take the time to listen to your team, or to reach out on a regular basis so that you can let them discuss their ideas or even their complaints, you’re opening up the risk of your employees feeling complacent, with no ambition. Don’t leave anything up to interpretation. Communication is key to running a successful business.

Organization – This starts at the top. If people who are in management roles within your business aren’t leaders who provide clear expectations throughout the organization, no one will fully understand their role, which can lead to other problems arising when tasks aren’t being executed as expected. Effective leadership by everyone in the business will be seen throughout all of employees work, from top to bottom.

Training – An integral part of keeping your employees on point is training. There needs to regular training programs in place so that your employees know what is expected of them. This is a great way for you to train them on new techniques that you have found & also a great time to get feedback from them on what practices that they are using work the best. They are the ones who are hands on in this field every day so they are going to have insight to what they find works. It’s a great time to interact with each other & a great way for them to feel heard.

Products – A huge factor in getting the job done right is supplying all employees with the equipment they need to work most efficiently. In our case, if we’re outfitting our cleaning crews with unreliable supplies, it’s going to make each job longer, causing more frustration for them which no doubt will lead to inefficiency. That’s not how we like to do things. You want to provide the best tools possible to ensure your business is running smoothly. Do your research & find what is out there that would be both cost effective & enable your employees to get the job done effectively.

Running a business isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work. It’s not for anyone who isn’t up for a challenge. Happy employees bring happy customers because it will be seen in their work. Make sure you’re getting the best out of your crew by being a business who provides a culture that shows an appreciation for everyone in it. In the end, your customers are going to be the ones who benefit from that the most.