RamClean cleaning service in 2020

How the Pandemic Changed Our Cleaning Business


Let’s talk about the Pandemic

No, trust us, it’s not going to be as bad as it sounds!

Dealing with COVID-19 has been exceptionally trying year for absolutely everyone.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, family, small business, big business, front line worker, combination of any of these, or if any number of other titles fit you.  It has been difficult.

However, that is not the whole story.  Not really.  And probably, hopefully, for most of us there is so much more to the story.

Prior to the outbreak, we set ourselves up for growth and were so excited about the future.   And then… COVID hit in earnest.  

We often found ourselves shooting from the hip, making decisions on the fly, and trying to roll with all the changes, all while staying SAFE.  How do we stay in business?  How do we keep our growing family, our employees, working?  What are the smartest things we can do to just HOLD ON.  What we discovered were reserves of strength even we didn’t know we had.  And the biggest shock of all?

Our cleaners became frontline workers.  Very few people found themselves knowingly walking into active COVID environments – having it confirmed – and doing so anyway, because – well- someone had to.

Our People – Our Family

We found a need to keep our cleaners safe in ways we never imagined.  Like the rest of the country, we had to understand what that would mean for our specific needs.  And, we did it.  We ARE DOING it.  We made it work!  It took almost a year before any of our workers became ill with this virus – (there have been two and they live in the same household) – and under our rules and requirements, it was isolated to only them, it did not spread, and we remained able to keep most of our schedules.  Everyone stepped up.

There are no words for how proud we are of our employees – our RamClean family.

Everyone is healthy and returned to work!  We know how blessed we are, we know this isn’t the case for everyone.  While that hurts our hearts, every single one, we cannot help but feel relief that our folks came back to us no worse for the wear.

Understanding the Reason We Clean

We learned another lesson, one we just have to share. It is a lesson we never saw coming.  Perhaps Adon Rigg put it best – we now realize we are cleaning for HEALTH, not just appearance.  Wow…that’s so important that it took us a minute to absorb it.  Of course we’ve always used products that are good for the environment and safe for our clients; focused disinfecting when required.  We never imagined how far that might have to go.  Specialized chemicals, farther protection for our cleaners, safety of our clients (both residential and commercial), rules that need to be followed by us AND you for particular disinfecting and sanitizing.  Perhaps it is best to say, cleaning for overall health…

Finally – thank you.  For reading our blogs and for taking this journey with us.  We could not be more excited for the future!  Hold on tight!  This is going to be a good one!!