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How Contract Janitorial Services can Save Your Business a Bundle

One of the biggest benefits of working with a commercial cleaning company is that we are saving our customers on a variety of costs.  While some of these are obvious, others are not. In this post, we’ll go over some of the ways you can reduce cost working with a janitorial contractor. You can bring this to your CEO or CFO at your next meeting and be a cost-cutting hero. 

Cleaning is expensive. It costs over $700 to remove a pound of dirt from a business. So as cleaning specialists, we work hard to find ways to remove dirt efficiently and keep it from coming into the building. The first step to reducing those expenses involves using the right cleaning processes.

Save on Efficient Processes

Our managers are certified ISSA trainers so we can train our employees on the right way to clean foyers, entry rooms, offices, conference areas, restrooms, and kitchens. If we can’t be efficient, then our cost is too high and we never win bids. We have incentive to reduce cost while ensuring everything is still cleaned the right way for the safety and health of your employees, customers, and staff. 


Reduce Cost of Supplies

janitorial supply cartWe develop relationships with janitorial supply vendors to get common items like towels, paper towels, and trash bags at a lower cost. Some of these supplies, like mop heads or microfiber towers, are provided by our company and not our client. We want to get the most use out of them so we take care of our equipment while laundering towels and mops after every use. 

Cleaning with CLEAN equipment is critical. Who would have thought? Right? We’ve been on dozens of walk-throughs where a dirty mop head was left hanging in the janitorial closet by the previous cleaning company (this is obvious in that the mop either still wet…or stiff as a board when dry). That is not cleaning. They are just moving dirt around. 


Proper Usage on Cleaning Products

A lot of employees will overuse cleaning products because they think it gets things cleaner. The opposite is true; leftover soap or cleaning product attracts dirt.  Our green cleaning product provider, Envirox, sets us up with dispensers at each client location so we use the optimal amount of cleaning product. The type of product and dilution depends on the area cleaned. We follow a precise formula to ensure we don’t use too little and use enough to get the area properly clean. 


Using the Right Products

By using low PH green chemicals and low odor cleaners, we can help get more productivity out of your employees.  While that strong pine smell is enjoyed by some people, it’s not a great idea. Strong smelling cleaners are used by some janitorial services because it makes people think “this area has been clean.”  At worst, strong odors lead to a false sense of security that the area is healthy and clean.  At best, strong odors can be annoying. Employees can get nauseous or  the smell can bring on a headache.  Your workers will be less productive and ultimately many will need to take the day off.


Utilizing Ultra Efficient Equipment


kaivac restroom cleaning machineThere are some advanced cleaning technologies that help us clean better and more efficiently. The cost of this machinery is expensive but saves cost in the long run. For example, we use a no-touch machine called a Kaivac. 

This machine allows us to clean floors by putting down water and solution. The machine has a scrubber, squeegee, heater, and wet vac that allows us to clean, sanitize, and disinfect hard floors.  The end result is much better than what you get out of a mop.  It’s also more sanitary.  (Using a mop for large areas is time-consuming and will require that the mop head be changed frequently during a single clean.)  For example, a large restroom can be cleaned in half the time and saves on labor cost.

Changing Your Service Providers

We know that it’s tough to make changes. It can be a cumbersome task to replace a contractor or in-house staff. We know there is more to it than just price.  However, we notice that a lot of janitors and contractors just go through the motions. They get comfortable and don’t have their clients best interests at hand.  They seem to have the attitude of “how can get this cleaned as cheaply as possible?”  That does not save cost. Frankly, that leads to a crappy job.  

We’ve earned all of our business because we pay attention to detail. We want to become your partner by implementing customized, sustainable janitorial services that make your facility cleaner, reduce costs, and decrease complaints.  Cleaning the right way = efficiency = environmentally friendly = healthier workplace = happy employees and customers = savings. 

If you’d like to get rid of your dirty mop “slingers.” and partner with a company that can help you save money and improve our efficiency, click here to get a quote.  To learn more about the our state of the art janitorial equipment, visit this page.  And to learn more about our janitorial services, click here.