Employee of the Month Patrick Hagens and Latest at RamClean

We are way past due in formally introducing you all to Patrick Hagens!  Patrick is THE Operations Manager for our Tri-State area…and really, that title is misleading, as it doesn’t come anywhere close to explaining what all he does.

Patrick not only handles overseeing every single one of your accounts, he is boots-on-the-ground.  He fills in when cleaners are unable to work, ensuring that all of your locations are cleaned properly; he is a Commercial Account manager when we gain new accounts, yet before we have been able to expand our staff of Commercial Account Manager staff; he is now floor care professional; he handles recruitment and hiring; he trains all of our new employees, regardless of the skill level (he knows each account is special and particular and needs its own attention); he is the Human Resources liaison between Tri-State and our headquarters in Illinois; and he still finds time to work out religiously and spend time with his family.  (Ladies, we also hear he enjoys long walks on the beach, cooking, and super manly sports like football and mixed martial arts…

In all seriousness, we truly and honestly could not be more thrilled to have Patrick as a part of our Family.  We are blessed to have him and more fortunate than we can express!  As we prepare to partner on a greater level with clients like St. Elizabeth’s, (another RamFamily addition we are beyond excited about!!), we know having Patrick oversee them will prove that RamClean is the #1 choice for your Commercial Cleaning needs.

We really are that good, and it is due in large part to people like Patrick.  Patrick has already shown us what an asset he is and we are excited to see what his growth with RamClean will look like!!

THANK YOU, Patrick!