people booking cleaning service online

We know that everything surrounding COVID is changing what feels like daily. It can be really hard to keep up with new guidelines that are being put into place. One thing that you can count on is that no matter what, disinfection is key & we here at RamClean are here to help! We are offering 20% off our commercial disinfection service on initial services to those businesses who are new clients. This is a fantastic deal! We only use EPA registered chemicals & implement all of the recommended processes from OSHA. Our main goal is to keep both our employees & our customers healthy!

RamClean will be making some exciting changes this fall to improve our customer relationships & enhance our level of service! We want to make sure that we have your updated contact information. It’s really that simple! These changes will benefit you as a RamClean customer in the following ways:

  • Our new online booking and CRM system will allow you to get text or email notifications.
  • You will have a customer portal where you can easily make changes to your appointment, dates, times or services.
  • Customers will also be able to add comments, notes, requests & provide feedback.

You can experience our new system by booking a house cleaning here >>

As an added perk, if you are already an existing RamClean customer, you will automatically be entered into our contests & giveaways that are EXCLUSIVE to current customers.

If you are an existing house cleaning customer, you can fill out the information on our secure website form at

We love giving back to our community & adding a little extra joy to your life.  By providing your contact info, we can ensure we have the right information. This allows us to interact with our fellow CU peeps, with our customers & also gives you an easy way to have a chance at winning some gift cards & prizes!